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A True Hero

This post is dedicated to Abdul Sattar Edhi, who was a true modern day hero. Abdul Sattar Edhi was a Pakistani philanthropist who passed away on Friday, July 8 2016, from kidney disease. He was known for his charity which helped orphans, battered women, the disabled and addicts. His charity was based only through donations, with no government help. He had a line of ambulances which were known to arrive on a disaster scene in five minutes, even before government run ambulances would arrive. His charity, Edhi Foundation, which was started with his wife has been active for sixty tears now.

When Abdul Sattar Edhi was young his mother became paralyzed and then became mentally ill. This is what drove him to become a humanitarian helping those unable to help them selves. He didn’t care for race or religion and sent help to those who needed it.

This is who I pray I can become. Truly self giving individual who didn’t care for this worldly awards. He remained humble and stayed in a two bedroom apartment through out his whole charity profession.

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Quotes To Get You Through The Day !

“When you stop chasing the wrong things you give the right things a chance to catch you.”

“I’d rather have a life of ‘OH WELLS’ than a life of ‘WHAT IFS.'”

“Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.”

“I used to believe that prayer changes things, but now I know that prayer changes us and we change things.”

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

“You were born to be real, not to be perfect. You are here to be you, not to live someone else’s life.”

“It’s better to be slapped by the truth than kissed with a lie.”

“A woman is like a tea bag: you cannot tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water. ” -Nancy Reagan

“Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20.”


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Quotes To Get You Through The Day !

“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.”

“Stop saying ‘I wish’ and start saying ‘I will.'”

“Worrying will never change the outcome.”

“You cannot always wait for the perfect time. Sometimes you must dare to jump.”

“Fake friends believe in rumors. Real friends believe in you.”

“Here’s to the people who know the real me but still stick around.”

“Faith in God includes faith in His timing.”

“Change begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

“Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.”

“Be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate, regret or fear.”

“You are GOOD enough, SMART enough, BEAUTIFUL enough, and STRONG enough. Believe it and never let insecurity run your life.”

“Sometimes it takes sadness to know happiness, noise to appreciate silence and absence to value presence.”

“Don’t make excuses for why you can’t get it done. Focus on all the reasons why you must make it happen.”

“Maturity has to do with the experiences you’ve had, not how many birthdays you’ve celebrated.”

“When your mind says give up, hope whispers one more try.”


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Facts You May Not Know

“Corey Griffin, one of the co-creators of the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” died by drowning over the weekend in a diving accident.”

“You can stop a toothache by rubbing ice on the back of your hand, on the webbed area between your thumb and index finger.”

“You can detect psychopaths by their speech patterns.”

“If you are a woman with a sexually ambiguous name, you are more likely to succeed.”

“Women are better at remembering pretty girls’ faces because they are seen as potential threats.”

“Dolphins can choose which hemisphere of the brain to put to sleep.”

“When men listen to women’s voices, it activates the same part of the brain that processes the sound of music.”

“Dogs in Australia will lick toads to get high.”

“Despite being a horror series, no-one ever dies in a Goosebumps book.”

“Only 2% of scientists confess to falsifying or manipulating data…but 14% say they know a colleague who did.”

“Almost half of all college students in the US drop out and never graduate.”

“The Playstation 2 is the best-selling gaming console of all time.”

“Empathy in young people has been decreasing since the 1980s and took a huge decline in the 2000s.”

“Humans are starting to live for documenting life events with photos and online posts, instead actually living for the event.”

“Pole dancing got its start in India back in 1135 AD.”


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Celebrities That Are Scared To Support Palestine

You don’t need to be of Palestinian descent to feel for the people of Palestine and see that people are being slaughtered in Palestine. The Israel occupation of Palestine, stealing their land and the bombs that are used on the women and children of Palestine is clear genocide. A lot of celebrities have spoken out via twitter about what is happening in Palestine and they have condemned Israel. Some celebrities see what is happening and tweet #FreePalestine but then delete it because of back lash. Clearly they see the wrong things that are happening which compelled them to tweet for Palestine, so why not have a back bone and stick with the tweet?

Here is a very interesting article on celebrities that tweet then delete #FreePalestine:

Celebrities That Tweet Then Delete Free Palestine





Palestine Is Under Attack #FreePalestine #FreeGaza

There is a huge conflict going on between Israel and Palestine. Mainly Israel is slaughtering the Palestinian people. Amnesty International has called out Israel for their war crimes and yet there is no action being done to stop Israel. Israel has violated international law and has committed crimes against humanity. All these powerful nations can put a stop to this but sit in silence. America funds Israel with over $3 Billion and Israel uses that to get the most powerful state of the art military weapons. Israel claims Hamas is throwing rockets at Israel but Palestinians are only retaliating because Israeli’s are forcibly taking Palestinian land and being kicked out of their homes. Wouldn’t you if your home was being invaded? The Palestinians were there first. Palestinian kids are being arrested and mistreated in Israeli jails.

There was no state for Jews and only became a Jewish Israel state in 1948. Then slowly Israel Jews started taking over Palestinian land, decided they want all of the land and started a settlement movement. On top of that Israel started controlling all the borders, so they control what comes in and out. Palestinian civilians that are getting bombed left and right aren’t getting proper medical treatment because of the border control. Palestinians also can’t leave to escape anywhere. All Palestinians have are rockets and rocks to defend themselves. This isn’t an equal war, it’s genocide. All the people that have died have been civilians and innocent women and children. You want raw footage of all the attacks and deaths of civilians? Just check out Mohammed Zeyara’s facebook page.

There are over 600 civilian deaths in Palestine and over 1,500 people injured ever since the invasion of Gaza by Israel. Over 146 Palestinian children have died because of air strikes. Only 27 Israeli soldiers.
Read the article about how Israel doesn’t want peace by an Israeli journalist here : Israel doesn’t want peace

Here is an excerpt: “And, at the drop of a hat, almost every Israeli will say he wants peace, of course he does. But he’s not referring to the kind of peace that will bring about the justice without which there is no peace and there will be no peace. Israelis want peace, not justice, certainly not anything based on universal values. Thus, ‘Peace, peace, when there is no peace’. Not only is there no peace: In recent years, Israel has moved away from even the aspiration to make peace.”

There is a documented report of what really is happening in Palestine. Israeli soldiers come and kick out Palestinians from their home in the middle of the night so nobody can help, arrest children and torture them. Watch it here: Israel and Palestinian Conflict/Israel torturing Palestinian children

Here is an excerpt : “With my many talks with Ariel Sharon and with my work with Ariel Sharon, there was a clear understanding, a very clear planning of spreading the Jewish communities in the way that there would be no option for Palestinian state.”
“If a Palestinian child said to you ‘what is the hope for me, for my future, to have my own state’ what would you say to that child?”
“This land was promised to the Jews by God. And all of it. It’s true in the course of history, Arabs came to this area from all over. But the promise of God is more important than the changes in history and the political changes.
That is why you have to put it deep deep into your mind that you don’t have any chance whats so ever in any point of history, neither you nor any of your off-springs to ever have an independent state of your own here.” – Jewish founder of the settlement movement.

What a disgusting thing to say. Israel is such a big bully and this is such blatant racism. If you really want to see Israel being racist look at Ethiopian Jews in Israel and how they are treated. Orthodox Jews have came to the protest in support of Palestine and there are Jews who are against what Israel is doing. It’s the movement of Zionism that is really taking over the land of Palestine. Zionism is nationalistic movement used in the name of Judaism. Israel claims God has chosen that land for the Jews and they will do whatever means necessary to achieve that goal. So God doesn’t say don’t kill innocent women and children ? We are going to ignore that and just get rid of a whole group of people?


Jews against Zionism



Facts You May Not Know

“Scientists suggest that there are 24 galaxies in the universe for every person living on Earth.”

“The oldest university is a mosque founded in 859.”

“A man can help boost a woman’s memory when he talks to her in a low and deep voice.”

“There is a fake village in The Netherlands, with fake shops and restaurants, that is actually a care home for elderly dementia patients.”

“Tigers prefer to hunt large prey by ambush. If you look at a tiger, it is less likely to attack, as it has lost the element of surprise. In some locations in India, people traditionally wear a mask on the back of their head while walking through forests to prevent tigers from pouncing from behind.”

“Tigers scratch trees and use their urine to mark their territories. Their urine smells strongly of buttered popcorn.”

“People in relationships have a tendency to be meaner to single people.”

“Men who kiss their wives in the morning live five years longer than husbands who don’t.”

“Jerry Springer was once a rising star in the Democratic Party until he was caught paying for a prostitute with a personal check.”

“It took someone 48 years to invent the can opener after the can was produced. ”



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Facts You May Not Know

“The lonelier a person is, the more showers and baths they take, the hotter the water, and the longer they stay under the water.”

“If you fail your driver’s license practical test three times in Switzerland, you have to visit a psychologist to explain why you failed it.”

“Plants communicate with each other, actively compete against one another for resources, and are capable of learning from their experiences.”

“The original Ronald McDonald was fired for being overweight.”

“Ted Bundy helped save lives by volunteering at a suicide prevention center.” (Serial Killer who killed more than 100 woman)

“There is a protein in the human body named after Pikachu. It transmits electrical impulses from the eyes to the brain.”

“When Iggy Pop was in a psychiatric hospital for his drug problem, David Bowie smuggled in some drugs to cheer him up.”

“There was a children’s cartoon called ‘I Am the Greatest: The Adventures of Muhammad Ali.'”

“Holding the hand of someone you love is proven to relieve stress and reduce pain.”

“Police in the UK have shot and killed 5 people in the last 4 years – In the US, this total is 1,600.”

“There was a Great Gatsby film in 1926, but there are no existing recordings of it.”


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Maya Angelou Has Passed Away At The Age Of 86

Maya Angelou passed away today May 28, 2014 in the early morning. She was found by a care taker. She was having a lot of health problems leading up-to her death and had to cancel a lot of appearances. Here are my favorite quotes by Maya Angelou:

I know that when I pray, something wonderful happens. Not just to the person or persons for whom I’m praying, but also something wonderful happens to me. I’m grateful that I’m heard.

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain.”

“Don’t let the incidents which take place in life bring you low. And certainly don’t whine. You can be brought low, that’s OK, but don’t be reduced by them. Just say, ‘That’s life.”

“The love of the family, the love of one person can heal. It heals the scars left by a larger society. A massive, powerful society.”

“I know that when I pray, something wonderful happens. Not just to the person or persons for whom I’m praying, but also something wonderful happens to me. I’m grateful that I’m heard.”

“I don’t know how much longer I’ll be around. I’ll probably be writing when the Lord says, ‘Maya, Maya Angelou, it’s time.”

Her last tweet – “Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God.”


May your spiritual soul rest in peace, Maya Angelou.


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