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The Aww For The Day

This is soooooo adorablee !!! A mother is asking her daughter if a stranger says he has cookies for her,ice cream for her or wants to go swimming, what should she say and the daughter keeps saying “I like that” and “good”. Same answer I would give if a complete stranger asks me if I want something from the trunk of his car because I’m dumb like that. Hahahaha joking. I would start screaming “Stranger Danger! Stranger Danger! ” , even if I’m a grown woman now. Here is the video :

Mother teaching her daughter to say “no” to strangers

Giraffe Says Goodbye to Zoo Worker

Mario, a zoo worker who would clean the animals living quarters for 25 years, has terminal cancer. His wish was to see the zoo one more time. So they took him out to the zoo where he could watch the animals. This one giraffe came over and kissed him.

I heard animals can get a sense of a person’s good and bad vibes. I bet this giraffe feels like he needs to say goodbye because of the good affect Mario had on the animals.

Such an Aww moment :

Giraffe kisses Mario


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