A True Hero

This post is dedicated to Abdul Sattar Edhi, who was a true modern day hero. Abdul Sattar Edhi was a Pakistani philanthropist who passed away on Friday, July 8 2016, from kidney disease. He was known for his charity which helped orphans, battered women, the disabled and addicts. His charity was based only through donations, with no government help. He had a line of ambulances which were known to arrive on a disaster scene in five minutes, even before government run ambulances would arrive. His charity, Edhi Foundation, which was started with his wife has been active for sixty tears now.

When Abdul Sattar Edhi was young his mother became paralyzed and then became mentally ill. This is what drove him to become a humanitarian helping those unable to help them selves. He didn’t care for race or religion and sent help to those who needed it.

This is who I pray I can become. Truly self giving individual who didn’t care for this worldly awards. He remained humble and stayed in a two bedroom apartment through out his whole charity profession.

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