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Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Have Gotten A Divorce

So I called this divorce as soon as Johnny Depp and Amber Heard got married. This is a Hollywood couple so I guess that isn’t saying much. Johnny Depp, then 51 years old, left his partner Vanessa Paradis, with whom he had two children with, to start dating 28 year old Amber Heard. Amber heard had previously been in a lesbian relationship with a Tasya Van Ree who looked like Johnny Depp. I discussed the wedding here. Well it didn’t take long before the marriage went down the toilet. She filed officially for divorce after 15 months. Johnny Depp’s mother passed away, only three days before this announcement. She asked for spousal support, you know because she got soo accustomed to being a like them rich folks.

It didn’t take long before Amber Heard was making this divorce as public as possible. She went to PEOPLE magazine to share that she was physically abused by Johnny Depp. He threw a cell phone at her. She didn’t press any charges with the police at that time. She filed for a restraining order later after filing for a divorce.

The courts awarded her a restraining order but Johnny Depp denied all allegations. His people are saying the request of restraining order was due to the negative feedback Amber Heard received for filing for divorce from Johnny Depp three days after his mother passed away.

I can’t put anything passed anyone. I do think he is very much capable of hurting Amber Heard. He always looks inebriated. Mid Life crisis hit him hard. However I also think she is a leech and got with him for money. They are both very much cook coo.

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A True Hero

This post is dedicated to Abdul Sattar Edhi, who was a true modern day hero. Abdul Sattar Edhi was a Pakistani philanthropist who passed away on Friday, July 8 2016, from kidney disease. He was known for his charity which helped orphans, battered women, the disabled and addicts. His charity was based only through donations, with no government help. He had a line of ambulances which were known to arrive on a disaster scene in five minutes, even before government run ambulances would arrive. His charity, Edhi Foundation, which was started with his wife has been active for sixty tears now.

When Abdul Sattar Edhi was young his mother became paralyzed and then became mentally ill. This is what drove him to become a humanitarian helping those unable to help them selves. He didn’t care for race or religion and sent help to those who needed it.

This is who I pray I can become. Truly self giving individual who didn’t care for this worldly awards. He remained humble and stayed in a two bedroom apartment through out his whole charity profession.

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