Johnny Depp Has Gotten Married

Remember when Johnny Depp was hot? Like he had a mysterious persona, he was interesting, good looking, and seemed to not be effected by Hollywood. Those days are long gone. He looks soo dusty and greasy these days. Also he just married Amber Heard, who is a 28 year old actress. I discussed the engagement here. I can’t believe he went through with this mid-life crisis.

It’s odd that he never married the mother of his children, Vanessa Paradis, even though he was with her for 14 years. Well at least Vanessa had him during his hotness and not the old man dust ball that he is now. What is a 28 year old woman doing with a 51 year old man? Oh right she is surviving in Hollywood !
Amber and Johnny Depp married on February 7 on a private island, owned by Johnny Depp:

Mmmmm I don’t see this lasting.


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