Brooke Burke Was Fired From Dancing With The Stars

Brooke Burke was fired from the show Dancing with the Stars. No word on why she was fired. Other than the show also getting rid of their show band that sang everything live, I’m really not sure what other changes they have coming. This lady was extremely dull. She said and did nothing that drew me into what she was saying. She reminds me of that Terminator from the show¬†Sarah O’Connor Chronicles. (Sarah O’Connor Talking To Cop).

Cop : “On the outside your just as pretty as a picture. But on the inside you are a…”

Sarah O’Connor : (In a Dull robot voice) “Hyper-allo combat chasse.”

Cop : “Is that a complicated way of saying robot?”

Sarah O’Connor : (In a Dull robot voice) “Cybernetic Organism. Living tissue over a metal endo-skeleton.”

And that is exactly how she co-hosted the show.


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  • I would like to know “why” she had to leave the show, I for one liked her.

    • I’m sure she will tell the real reason of why she was let go, when she is forgotten. Then she will make some headlines and be back in the celebrity news for “Surprise reason for why Brooke was let go”. Until then we wait.

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