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Kim Kardashian Was Paid $500,000 To Accompany A Rich Dude And Bails

Richard Lugner is an Austrian businessman and billionaire. He paid Kim Kardashian $500,000 to accompany him to a Vienna Opera Ball. She didn’t go fully through with the plan. Kim was suppose to have dinner with Richard and dance with him. Instead she stood him up to tape for the Kardashian show and asked her mother to dance with the billionaire instead. Richard Lunger said :

“Kim is annoying me, Because she’s not sticking to the program.”

This hoe can’t even do her hoe job properly.

Damn it Kim, you had one job ! One job !

Damn Kanye your woman shouldn’t be able to escort another man, while she is already yours. I wonder what Kanye West thinks of his hoe going loose. He needs to reign her in.


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Katy Perry Gets Booed Twice !

Katy Perry arrived late at the Moschino runway fashion show in Milan. She got to the runway and posed when  people started booing her and it seems like she is telling them to “shut up”.

(Katy Perry Booed at Milan Runway Show)

Then Katy Perry gets booed while leaving LAX airport. (Katy Perry Booed at LAX airport)

You know Booing just comes out naturally to people who sense BS. It’s like a natural gagging motion that happens when you smell nasty poop or see vomit. That is the reaction she causes to some people. Booing basically keeps a celebrity in check, letting them know they are not that great and should be grateful they got soo far with limited talent. It’s what actually got Ashlee Simpson to slowly phase out in Hollywood. She realized she sucks during her booing session at the Orange Bowl Half Time Show.

(Ashlee Simpson gets Booed at Half Time Show)


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Brooke Burke Was Fired From Dancing With The Stars

Brooke Burke was fired from the show Dancing with the Stars. No word on why she was fired. Other than the show also getting rid of their show band that sang everything live, I’m really not sure what other changes they have coming. This lady was extremely dull. She said and did nothing that drew me into what she was saying. She reminds me of that Terminator from the show Sarah O’Connor Chronicles. (Sarah O’Connor Talking To Cop).

Cop : “On the outside your just as pretty as a picture. But on the inside you are a…”

Sarah O’Connor : (In a Dull robot voice) “Hyper-allo combat chasse.”

Cop : “Is that a complicated way of saying robot?”

Sarah O’Connor : (In a Dull robot voice) “Cybernetic Organism. Living tissue over a metal endo-skeleton.”

And that is exactly how she co-hosted the show.


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Bradley Cooper Went Commando At The State Dinner

Now I’m going to wonder if he isn’t wearing any underwear every time I see him at appearances. You see what you did Bradley Cooper? Your making my mind go to dirty places. Dirty as in, what brand toilet paper do you use? Is it black toilet paper? Do you also use wet wipes? Are you a hyper wiper?

Bradley Cooper talks about going commando

If you can spend three hours doing your perm hair, one would think you would have time to order new suits to fit your new beafy body. Whatever. I guess I’m just jealous he gained fifteen pounds and doesn’t even look like he gained weight. Tall people are soo lucky !

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kanye West Is Angry Again

Don’t they have medication for anger like Kanye’s? Is it anger or is it uncontrollable verbal diarrhea? Since he considers himself an innovator why doesn’t he innovate a method to help control his verbal diarrhea? He can be the first rap artist to do so in history of all man-kind. His verbal diarrhea just bursts out of him : Kanye West Angry at his concert

This is what he said :

“If I go to a radio interview, shut the fuck up. If you’re on your talk show at night showing a picture of me walking with my girlfriend, shut the fuck up…What have you done with the past 10 years of your life, Charlamagne? Sway? What did you do? Fuck these niggas names is? I am Yeezus.”

Dude why didn’t you say all this to Sway and Charlemagne’s face when you had the chance? Took you months to respond and as far away as possible to say something to them.

Oh man-child kanye I can tell you what I didn’t do. I can proudly say in the last ten years I did not have any type of relations or association with Kim Kardashian and that is something to be proud of and boastful about. I did not make America’s no talent fame whore a girl friend. I did not interrupt a speech by Taylor Swift, who was of no threat to you because we all know Kanye would have never done that to any one else for fear of getting popped in the face. I did not make a plain white t-shirt and sell it for $250, while complaining about corporations making us their slaves.

Kanye YOU should shut up , you mental case.

Kanye West is all talk, I swear. He wants to do this and that, but I hear him talk more than accomplishing that. He says in the Charlemagne interview, “You gonna see I’m better than Ralph Lauren. I’mma be bigger than H&M.” Okay can you go do that, then come back and boast about it? K Thanks !

I hate that smile he does in interviews, like he feels stupid when he can’t come up with a direct answer to Charlemagne’s questions. I noticed that he really doesn’t give a straight forward answer to questions but goes off tangent, runs in a circle and spits a bunch of words out his mouth.

He looks like he spits when he talks.

Charlemagne made sure to verbally bitch-slap Kanye so Kanye knows who he can’t handle (Charlemagne). Charlemagne tells kanye “You  know what makes me not buy your albums? This new narcissistic, egotistical personality you got”.

Kanye West interview with Charlemagne


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Minka Kelly And Jake Gyllenhaal Hooked Up

Now for the news that nobody asked for or even needed to know, Minka Kelly and Jake Gyllenhaal hooked up recently. They went on a couple dates two years back but it didn’t go anywhere. Minka turned him down, so I’m pretty sure this news is coming from her people.


When an actor or actress has no notable talent or work, their private parts make it into the news. Yes Minka Kelly please tell me more about your one night stands and how many times you hooked up with some body. I’m dying to know all about your lady parts.


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Matt Damon Talks About George Clooney’s Prank

Tina fey made this joke at the 2014 Golden Globes , “Gravity is nominated for best film. It’s a story of how George Clooney rather float away in space and die, rather then spend one more minute with a woman his own age.” This is what George Clooney said about the joke at the Globes:

“They have poked the bear with a stick. Oh, they have poked the bear,” he jokes. “I don’t want to scare Amy or Tina – I don’t want them to be afraid at all – but they’ve poked the bear.”

Matt Damon was also made fun of at the Globes. Amy Poehlor said, “Matt on any other night and in any other room you would be a big deal but tonight, and don’t take this the wrong way, you are basically a garbage person.”Matt Damon laughed and didn’t take it seriously. I thought Tina and Amy were hilarious !!

Well Matt Damon was pranked by George Clooney. George sent a letter claiming to be Matt Damon saying he was upset at the joke made about him (Damon) at the globes. Amy and Tina sent two fruit baskets and two letters attached. One letter apologizing to Matt and the second letter saying “Dear Matt, if your note is part of George Clooney prank as i very strongly  suspect it is, you A-list amateurs are going to have to step it the fuck up. We are not some easily confused starlets you are dealing with here, we are grown ass professional comedians. Please accept this fruit as our token of sincerity. ”

Matt Damon gets pranked by George Clooney

George Clooney must have a whole lot of time on his hands without a girlfriend to occupy his time. He may have first called his ex Stacy Kiebler and asked her to WWE body slam Amy Poehler and Tina Fey for hurting his ego and she probably denied him. The he said “pretty please, I’ll marry you”, and she said “really ?!!”,  in which he replied “sike!!” and hung up the phone. Then he chuckled for a good 45 minutes. (This scenario was made up in my head).

One doesn’t simply come up with a prank. There is a whole lot of resting that goes into coming up with a prank. First he has to think of who to prank and then how to prank that person. I bet he started getting really low blood sugar from all the thinking and so he ate some crackers, drank some Metamucil, took a nap, woke up, drank some Redbull, got a message and then had a light bulb moment after which he decided to just make his assistant do everything. It was probably very exhausting for him.


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Golden Globe Monologue

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Indian Superstar Priyanka Chopra Was Called An “Arab Terrorist”

Priyanka Chopra who is a singer, actress and a performer from India has been working her way to becoming an international star in America. Her single “In My City” has debuted in the NFL and immediately after the NFL got a lot of hate comments including calling Priyanka Chopra an “Arab Terrorist”. I actually posted her full interview with “Wall Street Journal” here: Priyanka Chopra Interview. Here is the clip of  her discussing the racist words :

Priyanka Chopra called an “Arab Terrorist”

Let me educate the ignorant trolls out there.

1) If you are going to say something racist, at least get the correct Country. She is from India which is the South Asian region. She can be Hindu, Christian or Muslim.

2) Even if she was from an Arab country, it doesn’t mean she is a terrorist.

3) Stop being scared to embrace someone from a different land. You might just end up loving them !


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