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Beyonce Trying Too Hard At The Grammy Awards

Beyonce performed at the Grammy Awards and brought her Nasty Girl out. Funny how she used to sing about other girls being “Nasty” and here she is being extra skanky and looking musty, quite honestly. She is trying way too hard to be sexy and is coming off trashy ! She is already a known sexy singer and is considered beautiful, so why all the extra-ness ?

She reminded me of Rihanna performing at the Billboard Music Awards, where Rihanna just sat there with her legs spread wide open and she just sang. Rihanna Billboard Music Awards


I guess Beyonce didn’t want to look like she did when performing at the SuperBowl :


Here is Beyonce : Beyonce at the Grammys



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Phaedra Parks’ Husband Arrested ! (The Real Housewives of Atlanta)

Well Phaedra Parks’ (from the show The Real Housewives of Atlanta) husband Apollo Nida was arrested for “Aggravated Identity Theft, Conspiracy and Bank Fraud” and then some.

In The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, Nene mentions Angela Stanton when arguing with Phaedra Parks. Look at this video Nene mentions Angela Stanton

Wait till you see this video. It’s crazy !!! Check this video out of Angela Stanton telling everyone about the real Phaedra Parks. Angela Stanton exposes Phaedra Parks

I wonder if Phaedra Parks will also get in trouble.

Damn that is some list of charges for Apollo Nida ! Check it out at Realitytea

Jonah Hill And Leonardo Dicaprio Monologue On SNL

Something more confusing than chemistry and word problems for me will be Jonah Hill’s fame. This dude looks like a misplaced rodent in every movie ! He isn’t funny and he lacks any type of redeemable human quality, but he sure has a lot of rodent qualities. He wriggled his way into movies with top actors and that is something I will never understand. He doesn’t act, he is just there saying his lines like he is misplaced. He is a really crappy actor and acts the same in every movie.

I’m only posting this SNL monologue because Leonardo Dicaprio is in it.  I love almost all the movies he has been in. I feel like he should have won an Oscar for Revolutionary Road, The Great Gatsby, Blood Diamond and Catch Me If You Can.

Leonardo Dicaprio in SNL Monologue


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Selena Gomez And Demi Lovato Are Friends Again !

Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato have been friends since seven years old. They were besties for life as seen in this video : Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Damn Miley Cyrus is obnoxious in that video though ! They started having problems in their friendship when it seemed like Selena started to hangout with Taylor Swift more than Demi Lovato. Check this out : Demi says ask Taylor.  Anywho, Selena Gomez came out saying this recently :

“I’ve known her since we were 7, and we did fall apart for a while. She was going through things and I was so young and it was confusing,” she explained. “I processed it saying, ‘OK, I don’t understand what she’s going through so I’m just going to do this.’ I don’t think it was fair, and I’m so happy that I have her back in my life now.”

Demi Lovato has been very open about her eating disorder and her drug use. I’m really happy that she got the help that she needed as well as being an inspirational person for people who are going through similar situations. I can completely understand shutting down with people who just don’t understand you or your pain. Selena Gomez didn’t know how to handle it and just moved on. BUT all is well when besties reunite to do what besties do best which is to just hang out and talk, I guess. What do I know about best friends. They were seen eating out recently according to Usmagazine. Selena also said :

“I feel like we’re all given what we can handle, and clearly someone thought she could handle so much—and she could, and she did. And she’s incredible for that. I couldn’t imagine going through some of the things that she went through, and the fact that she is who she is today is insane—she’s one of my inspirations.” (Seventeen)

Selena Gomez is kinda classy. I say kinda classy because she did date Justin Bieber aka baby thug life (throw your pacifiers in the air like you just don’t care).

I hope Demi Lovato gives Selena advice to stay far away from baby thug life after his DUI arrest !

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Nicki Minaj Photoshop Fail

Nicki Minaj is on the cover of ESPN magazine. Nicki Minaj came to realize that her forehead was photo shopped to make it look longer, Dailymail is reporting. It appears longer from eyebrow to hairline and quite honestly it makes her forehead look weird, almost cone-like. What is up with those shoes? They should have photo shopped those shoes out of the picture completely.

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Tamera Mowry-Hously Says Her Son Gets Called Racial Slurs

One of my favorite innocent show to watch was Sister Sister. I also watched Tia and Tamera’s reality show. I love how normal and happy the sisters are. I’m always seeing them laugh and be sensitive, just normal everyday things. No Diva shit going on.

Anywho, Tamera married a Caucasian man named Adam Hously (Fox news correspondent) and had a child with him. Anytime she posts a picture of her son a whole lot of racist people say racist crap to her cute baby.

“My son is already being called names on Twitter, on Instagram, inappropriate racial slurs and names. But how I raise my son is the way Martin Luther King would approach the situation. It’s all about turning the other cheek and all about just showing love. People choose to look past love and spew hate. I get called ‘white man’s whore.”‘

Never feed the Trolls !!! That is the lesson to go by on the internet as well as real life. She has such a cute baby !!! That is just straight up jealousy from the trolls. Whats up with the “White man’s whore” thing? What century are these trolls living in. If they are from the past century then perhaps they shouldn’t be on the internet and instead should be selling the blue-print of that time machine they seem to be using to travel to this century. LOSERS !



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Justin Bieber Said His Mother Gives Him Drugs

As Justin Bieber was held in jail, police interrogated him about what drugs he had in his system. He admitted to Xanax for anti-anxiety but he said he wasn’t sure because his mother gives him the medication. SCANDAL !! So she is messing with her own son’s drug problem but wants us to pray for him. Pfft.

His father is with him in his hooligan ways, his mother supplies him with drugs, and he surrounds himself with enabler friends. Are these Canadian Hillbillys ? They need to step up their game to “Kung-Fu Hillbilly” status.

Justin Bieber was released from jail later and was seen waving to his fans…you know the crazy nine year olds who will defend him till death !

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Justin Bieber Was Arrested For DUI, Drag Racing And Resisting Arrest

So I guess when Justin’s mother said pray for him, she should have been more specific. People probably took this opportunity to pray that he go down like he did when he was on CSI.

^ Oh please he can only pretend he was that bad ass.

Justin Bieber and his hooligan friends, including his father who helped close off the street, decided to drag race in a residential area. When I asked “where is his father?” in the last post about his mother wanting everyone to pray for Justin, I wasn’t thinking the father had the same mental capacity as his son and joined him in his hooligan ways.  The police arrived and noticed the smell of alcohol, his blood shot eyes and a stupid look on his face, whoops sorry that is “stupor” look on his face. He was apparently driving between 55 to 60 miles an hour in a 30 miles per hour zone. He was arrested for resisting arrest as well because he wouldn’t listen to the police officer when he told Justin to put his hands up.

Let’s see what happens next !


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